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It was a strange morning

I woke early this morning to hard rain
and howling winds

 the rain pelted and puddled
then suddenly stopped

bright sun back lit rain on my windows
turning droplets to diamonds 

 this sudden turn of events was tempting

temps in the 60s
the beach called
i answered its beckoning
with pleasure
camera in hand
weather forecasters promised astronomical surf
in southern new england on south facing beaches
but  not for my northern east facing beach
nonetheless the sea was angry

strange morning
heavy storm clouds
moved in and quickly away
shifting mood and color

the remainder of the day was spent in the studio

preparing for the gift-giving holiday to come

yesterday saw completion of several in-process knitting and felting projects

today, the beginning of spa bags for DILs


Françoise said...

Beautiful pictures of the wild sea.
Have a good day.

Eva said...

Lovely pictures proving weather manipulation: The milky sunshine -- the strict separation of the cloud bank vs blue sky

Deb G said...


patstudio said...

thank you francoise, deb and eva for your comments on my day, the weather, and the photos of the shore in maine. i like your phrase, eva, about weather manipulation. that just describes how it felt to walk the beach with such sudden changes - from light to dark and sun to cloud and back again.

Phyllis said...

Such beautiful photos. I am amazed and a little stunned how much it resembles Mendocino on the Northern coast of California. Strange that you are having such warm temperatures this time of year. It is freezing here.

justme said...

I just love your photos, Pat! Beautiful!

We've had a few flurries by us already. Not very much at all; just a dusting, really. But the snowplows came out in full force anyway. Seemed like overkill to me, but what do I know... Ha! :)

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