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The nicest thing: a little story of generosity (WOW)

I have a new subscription to  

Maggie Grey's
Workshop on the Web

the quarterly textile review

...... and am well-pleased with the opportunity to explore new techniques and projects every four months during 2010.  I have been interested in online classes in fiber and textiles and this is my virgin foray into that world.

Among the December (09) projects was one called the Net Bag Technique by artist and author Gina Ferrari of  Fan My Flame.  I read Gina's blog regularly; she is amazingly talented; has seemingly boundless energy; and, I learned is generous to boot!  

Well, Gina's project on WOW intrigued me and I thought to try it first but got stuck on one of the materials needed that Gina referred to as "Bond".  Unfamiliar with the name/product, I looked through my little stash to see if I had something similar by another name;  i searched and searched through various online suppliers (like Joggles and the Thread Studio). I "googled" the name 'Bond' but to no avail.

Then I emailed Gina to ask for information on the product.  She sent back an email quick as can be.  And offered to send me a sample to try.  How nice!

The package arrived on Monday this week and also included a note from Gina and the name of a supplier in the UK where I can purchase Bond.

And I am off to play!!!!


Dolores said...

I too follow Gina and love her work.

Pat said...

hi those holiday stockings you made....

Doreen G said...

Even better news Pat--Wow comes out every three months not four months so there will be more for you to see.
You won't regret subscribing to WOW I have been with it from the very beginning.

Pat said...

thanks for the reminder about WOW and the testimonial to it.

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