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Learning and growing ....

In this there is no measuring with time.
A year doesn't matter;
ten years are nothing.

To be an artist means not to compute or count;
it means to ripen as the tree,
which does not force its sap,
but stand unshaken in the storms of spring
with no fear that summer might not follow.

It will come regardless. 
But it comes only to those
who live as though eternity
stretches before them,
and endless.

I learn it daily,
learn it with many pains,
for which I am grateful.

Patience is all!

Rainer Maria Rilke
Letters to A Young Poet


AeFondKis said...

Hi Pat patience is one almighty virtue and you do indeed sound as if you possess it....
Lovely post!!!!
Linda x

Pat said...

oh. i don't know .. .. but i think in my early days of retirement i am more patient. thank you linda

Deborah said...

I do have the impression that you are patient and I also regularly remind myself of the phrase that you have on your blog "blessed with the gift of time to do work that nourishes my soul" whenever I become discouraged about not having a job.

Pat said...

since getting a lay-off from my school along with about 25 others, i have been learning patience. it is very nice to have to rush rush through life. it wasn't planned but it isn't bad either.

T said...

I wonder if anyone is born patient. I know that I was'nt. It is wonderful to slow down, and have patience, and to feel yourself slowing down. Enjoying the little things more...


Pat said...

in mu last comment i meant to say 'it is very nice NOT to have to rush rush through life'. but you probably figured that out.....

thanks T. I like the idea of you reclining on your new unnamed piece of art/shelter/day bed just slowing down ahhhhh

Phyllis said...

Oh this is so very beautiful! I have always loved Rilke and particularly Letters to a Young Poet, a book that was given to me by a dear friend nearly 30 years ago.

I think patience is given to those who strive to achieve it on a daily basis. Just living takes patience.

Thank you for reminding me of such lovely wisdom.

P.S. Sometimes when I come to your blog I cannot always comment. Maybe it is my tech inferiority, but I do try and leave comments that are often not able to be left. Will see what is the problem.

Pat said...

how i agree with your observation that 'just living takes patience' .... and we are constantly working at it.

i wonder what the issue is about commenting on my blog. perhaps we are having a cyber conflict....i often can't get into your blog - or perhaps the correct term is, 'can't load your blog'. but it is always a delight when i am able. love your style.


Words so true

Happy Sunday

Judy Martin said...

Thanks for posting this lovely poem Pat. I had not read it before.

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