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What's Inspiring Me In This Moment?

My mind is on wire, working with wire, knitting and crocheting with wire, wire sculpture and there's so much to be inspired by in the autumn 2009 issue of Surface Design magazine, a creative exploration of fiber and fabric, especially this crocheted copper wire piece shown on the page depicted above called, DOILY, by Doug Guildford, a Nova Scotia native, from an ongoing series begun in 2005 ..... 

.... and the one below called NET of crocheted stainless steel wire and glass begun in 2002


Deb G said...

I've wove crab pots with stainless steel wire. I know they are using a finer gauge when they do this, but it makes my hands hurt just looking at this! It is beautiful though.

Phyllis said...

I have been drawn to this craft ever since I purchased a bracelet made of this. I love that bracelet and the images you have shown are so rich in texture and design. Are you thinking of trying this? I suppose the process might be difficult on your fingers, but I guess that depends on the gauge of wire used. Would love to see what you do with it.


Look forward to seeing what you comeup with Pat. I knit wire bead bracelets which I sell in a gallery

Love the leafy pattern

Happy weekend
Carolyn ♥

linda stokes said...

This is a fabulous magazine - coincidently I was looking at it yesterday, our workshop tutor brought it in for inspiration.
Will be interested to see where it leads you.

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