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What's Up .... Pussycat?

I entered the new year with a few goals and aspirations (improve knitting skills; stretch my creative muscles; build my repertoire of technique in fiber art).  All good goals and I got a good start .... but oh my that studio garret of mine was all a-jumble after the autumn preparing for Open Studios and making gifts.  So I added, organizing, de-cluttering, and de-stashing to my list of must-do's for the new year.

I slowly progressed through the studio organizing by making 4 piles:  1, for keeping; 1, for Goodwill; 1, for my niece; 1, for ebay.  Oh what a difference that effort made to how things look and feel to me.  And then a re-organizing.  Ahhhh. I can find what I want.  I discovered things I'd forgotten about.  I recommend this activity ..... clears the brain.  I feel 5 pounds lighter (oh, I wish...).

Clearing, cleaning and organizing were good tasks while my brain has been busy thinking through an art project:  I am participating in a public art project for Art Esprit, a non-profit arts organization in Rochester whose mission is:
  • Create a network of literary and visual artists in the greater Rochester area.
  • Foster appreciation of and participation in the literary and visual arts through installations, exhibitions, readings and educational programs.
  • Support the Rochester Poet Laureate Program.
  • Promote and nurture the artist.
Projects pair artists with poets; last year's project was called the "Shoes of Rochester"  -  Rochester is an old shoe factory town and this was a way of honoring the past.  Various styles of shoes were placed around the town, with an opening ceremony and walking tours for 4 or 5 months duration.  A fun project that resulted in great community spirit  --  a way to help a town smile.

This year, the project is "If Rocks Could Talk" and I am delighted to be part of the group effort. My plan is to work in wire and I have spent a bit of time ruminating on this and how I will execute my idea.  Will keep you posted.

I have been absent from the blog-o-sphere for nearly a week. What's with that, you ask?  Well, dental surgery for one thing.  Oh yuk.  Took the wind out of my sails for a bit but the aftermath is surprisingly uneventful.

And then the knitting. Ah yes.My KnitPicks order arrived the other day with new skinny needles (size 3 and 5) and sock yarn to make a pair for Larry and one for me.  Optimistic?  Perhaps.  .... still practising on worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles.

And then last week, I opened an ebay shop for my de-stashing  --  fabric, vintage/antique laces and linens. Visit me at "patsvintagestudio".

And then the other.  The dreaded.  Oral surgery this past Wednesday.  But, in fact, the after-math was not nearly as difficult as I'd imagined. Swelling is down; no pain -- lots of gain.

Oh this girl's been busy.


Eva said...

Oy, sounds painful. Get well soon!

Deborah said...

You've accomplished quite a lot! Good luck with your recovery! I had something similar about a year ago and it is painful.

Pat said...

thanks eva and deborah. actually this experience is not too bad; i had expected the worse. stitches come out next week.

i suppose i have been busy. i do have a sense of accomplishment....

Deb G said...

Glad that it was better than expected. Looking forward to seeing those socks!

Pat said...

some days i think i'll never get a full pair of

ACey said...

I am really looking forward to seeing the development regarding "if rocks could talk". A concept very near and dear to me just on general principle. Am glad the recuperation from oral surgery has been an easy ride. Visiting here is always so inspiring in all the best kind of ways.

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