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Pink. I'm in the pink (with update)

I am in the pink
With temps in the high 40s and up to 50 degrees today

I am thinking spring
And counting the days 'til March 21
the day that signals the vernal equinox.
Am I rushing the calender?
You bet!

Will take myself to the beach this noon time
Will take a walk and smell the sea
and revel in the sunshine for a while.

What's on your agenda for the day?

Just returned from my walk on the beach.
 Glorious 58 degrees now; no wind; clear sky.
But the amazing thing is that the beach was populated with barefoot teens in halters; 
people relaxing in beach chairs with books, snacks or lunch.
 And every dog of every variety who lives in York 
was on the beach making friendly with other (dogs).
Surfers aplenty
Lots of waves breaking just right for glorious-looking rides.
I didn't.

Came home and made fresh coffee in my new French Press.  Ahhh life is good........



jude said...

same here.

justme said...

A walk on the beach sounds so inviting! It's sunny here too but still cold with lots of snow piles lying about. I'm counting the days til Spring, too. Hurry up!

Pat said...

yes indeed. hurry hurry hurry

Deb G said...

It was an absolutely glorious day here yesterday. Spent a lot of time just sitting in the garden soaking in the sun.

Rayna said...

Ah - life is always good with French press coffee. I have three of them.

And I don't suppose you could have sauerkraut at a knitting or yarn show -- I mean, the yarn might smell from it. Oh, horrors!

Deborah said...

York is a special place. Relatives lent us their house there for a couple of weeks when I was recovering from breast cancer and at the same time the loss of my daughter. Many years earlier my children had built a fort on the beach and it was still there. said...

What is that beautiful cup and saucer that you are showing in the photo?

Pat said...

Thanks. I am a collector of vintage linens and lace. This is a pretty woven linen. Mid-century, I think. The cup and saucer is a Beleek (Irish).

I've been collecting for many years and lately have been selling linens/lace on ebay. Great fun.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

What a beautiful and inspirational blog you have! I only today found it via Pintangle. I, too, am fantasizing about food for the soul in a walk on a north Florida beach, where dogwoods and azaleas bloom in the background, where there are no tourists yet. (Sitting in Austin with AC running and not a flower in sight.)

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