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I am so glad to have had this time with you today

Well, I have disappeared from the blog-o-sphere again  
and am not sure how faithful I will be in the near future.  

My mom, at nearly 87, suddenly is in need of a lot of support to remain independent.  
Her vision and hearing are failing; and she is beginning to experience problems with short-term memory.

Until last summer, she worked as a Senior Companion, drove her car just about anywhere she wanted, 
and walked 3 miles several times a week.
My Mom in 2009.

It is surprising and sad to see how needy she has become  -  so quickly.

Her goal is to remain as independent as possible. 
Last week, my sister Susan and I worked to acquire
and establish the services she needs to live in her own home for as long as she can.

Here she is on a date with my father.
They were married in 1942 and had 6 children 

1944, Pat;
and David in 1946,
1954, Nancy; 1956, Susan; 1960, Donna; 1962, Michelle.

And 10 great-grand children
Amy, Jonathan, 
Kimberly, Robbi, 
Dustin, Christopher, 
Esther, Ari, and Noah.

Each time I leave her, I say, 
"I am so glad to have had this time with you today".


T said...

What a beautiful thing to say. I must say that to my parents this week when i go to help them.

My parents live in their home too. And I established much of these home services about four years ago when mum was very sick. She has recovered now thanks goodness. They love being at home...


Deb G said...

Very little about this time of life is sure to take care of yourself too.

Dolores said...

Do what you have to do. My mom will be 91 in May and lives in a wonderful nursing home. The family gets together and we visit her on weekends for a family meal. During the week, her grandchildren drop by to say hi.

Pat said...

.... a little time on the blog today and I want to say "thank you" to Deb, Dolores, and T for their kind and thoughtful words. very much appreciated.

justme said...

It's always hard to watch our parents decline. Watch out for your health, too, okay? Wishing you and your mom the very best. Will be thinking of you.

Phyllis said...

I remember this time with my mother, not an easy time at all. You were so sweet in your memories of her. I wish you well and that you have strength to do what you need to do. No pressure with your blog. It can wait and I will see you back here when you are ready. I am sending you some special thoughts to hold you close and steady.

Deborah said...

I know this time is hard and I hope for the best for both of you.

Pat said...

thank you Deborah for your kind thoughts. and to all who have sent warm wishes and support. so much appreciated.......

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