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So what have you been doing?

I have been working on a new concertina book. 
I challenged myself to work black and white. With a little red.  And some taupe.  And gold.  The book has gone through a number of phases:  create, deconstruct, reconstruct. Take apart.  Salvage. Re-build. Here are some pages in process.  Beware the pins.  

A little weaving.  Some couching.  Hand-made beads.  Lots of stitching and beading.

Another project:  Couching (again) on cotton and linen and French wired ribbon with hand-made beads

And still, another project:  playing with reverse applique using paper.  Both are incomplete but not for long.

That's it for tonight.  I'll soon get around to visit you all.  I've missed your thoughts, words and pictures.  And your inspiring work.


AeFondKis said...

Hi Pat love the diverse richness of your yarns and couching! Beautiful pieces very multi-national looking! Glad you are back!

Françoise said...

Oh.. yummy pictures! You've been busy.

island sweet said...

absolutley gorgeous!

Deb G said...

Wow have you been busy! Been hoping you were okay... I think if I were on a roll like this with projects I might forget the rest too. :)

Dolores said...

I love your journal pages. Very inspirational. said...

All of these pieces are so very beautiful, the colors, the images, the stitching. Very inspiring. I am glad you are back. I kept clicking on to see when you would be posting again.

Rayna said...

There is something to be said for stitching by hand and I even got out my embroidery thread for this forest piece. But I'll never live long enough to do it all by hand and I'm not sure it needs it.
We'll see

Pat said...

I am so glad to be back in blogland. I know it is a virtual world but it is one that I enjoy very much. And, of course, there is the wealth of talent and inspiration across the continent and the big pond and down under. Never ceases to amaze me the creative stretching, techniques, new or unusual materials that folks are using.

Thank you all, for the warm welcome back.

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