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Winter Passes Winter Pasttimes

I've had exotic purple irises on the dining room table this week  --  
they came from France, I think or somewhere warm and sunny.
They were a great distraction from 
cold, wind, snow and hard rains and power outages
 that have been visited upon us in recent days and weeks. 

This is probably the last of the paperwhites for this season
but oh their sweet deliciousness fills the room.

Larry and I have been addicted to the new Masterpiece Theater season.
We loved Cranford with Dame Judy
In fact Larry was inspired to read several books by the same author
(whose name I have misplaced).
We loved all three of the Jane Austen's

Northanger Abbey 
and Persuasion

 Whereupon, I revisited Sense and Sensibility -
with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. Ahhh.
Couldn't let a good thing go and borrowed
The Jane Austin Book Club from our local public library.
A good read about a group of women and one exceptional man 
who meet to discuss Austen's books.  
Appendices have lists and summaries of her books 
and comments made by other literary figures about Austin.
Good winter pasttimes for sure.

I saw two great films this winter:
Coco Before Chanel --

Coco played during the Telluride By The Sea film festival last summer
in Portsmouth but I couldn't get tickets.
Did manage to get some for Bright Star
though I had to wait until January
for the return of Coco.  But it was worth the wait. 

An Education --
 A new British coming-of-age film that was nominated for an oscar.  Another terrific film.

We are edging ever closer to spring.
And, I for one, will happily shed my coats and hats and boots and gloves.


justme said...

I have always loved reading Jane Austen's books...over and over and over again. Elizabeth Gaskell wrote Cranford. Have you seen Wives and Daughters and North and South, too? Cranford is my favorite, but I really liked Wives and Daughters, too.

patstudio said...

Yes, Gaskell. I should know that.... we haven't seen the others. were they on this season? are they masterpiece theater presentations. hope i didn't miss them.....

Deb G said...

Just put in a request for the Jane Austen Book Club at my library.

Pat said...

Deb you will love it. a really good read.....

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