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The wheels are turning . . . . ideas churning . . . . .

In the intervening days and weeks since my last post I've been busy with the stuff and things of life......but in between my little brain is beginning to conceive of a re-designed blog.  Really it has been nearly one year since I started this blog.  It has been fun and I've made some wonderful cyber-friends because of the blog.  But now....well, perhaps its time for a little change of scenery.  So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, an update on my mother.  She continues to improve in body and spirit.  An indomitable woman, I think.  There are a number of in-home providers offering help (physical therapy, visiting nurse, and personal care aides).  In addition, my sisters and I have all worked to shop for groceries, cook and clean.  And just be with her.

And, I say again because it is so true:  I am so glad to have this time with my mother.  On my visits, I usually make a special lunch that we share.  We talk and reminisce.  She tells stories.  Some I've heard.  Some are new.  It matters not.  I ask questions.  She helps with my knitting.  I bring her films on dvd to watch.

I remembered her telling me once long ago that has a teenager she was fascinated with Wallis Simpson and the abdication of King Edward.  Surprisingly I found a film entitled, Edward and Wallis, which we watched with delight.  This week it was, The Bette Davis Story, a documentary narrated by Susan Sarandon.

In between times, I've completed my knitted wire sculpture for the public art exhibit and will post images soon.  The work of my associates is just wonderful  --  you can take a peek at This will be a fine exhibit.


justme said...

Pat, it's so good to hear from you! It's good to hear that your mother continues to improve, too. You sound very busy, but contented.

And you've piqued my curiosity; I'm wondering what your redesigned blog is going to look like. Will stayed tuned. :)

Dolores said...

Keep busy and stay healthy. My mom has been in a nursing home for about three years now and, at almost 91 she said she didn't think she'd live so long. It is a safe place for her to be and they are all nice caregivers.

Eva said...

What a wonderful chance to make your Mom feel good. I wish I had had more chance to have mine around and ask her to tell about the past (she wrote a lot down). I miss mine still, although she died 8 years ago. Your mother is lucky, she has a better daughter than I was.

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