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Ark wanted, good condition

Rain Update:
It has now rained 15 days of 24 days in June and the rainfall total has exceeded 4 inches. In the evening yesterday, there appeared the possibility of a clearing; it was a short-lived but welcomed hiatus from the constant rain. The wind picked up and the sky began to lighten. As did my spirits for the possibility of an outside day today and a chance to survey the damage to flowers, herbs, vegetables. By 8 it was raining again and has continued throughout the night.

This morning, heavy rain continues.


Celeste Maia said...

Oh Pat, it must be horrible! We are at two extremes, you with too much rain, and in Madrid here I am for three weeks in a row with temperatures of 40 centigrade. What would it be? 100 F? Both extremes are very unpleasant. I hope the rain will stop for you!

Pat said...

This weather will pass. Won't it? And I am so pleased that you are going to the beach for the summer. Hooray! Out of the Spanish heat.

susan said...

it was so nice to see you today pat! the weather is terrible hot now, but the hail on the ride north was so wild that i had to pull over... hope your trip home was less eventful!
xo see you SOON! ...

Pat said...

Oh Susan I just love playing with you; I had a great time! As soon as I got on the highway, the heavens opened. No hail but the driving rain across the highway looked like curtains of water. But I actually drove away from the storm as I approached the coast. See you very soon.

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