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In my studio .....

ideas & playthings.
supplies & equipment.
notebooks pages.
projects completed & in-process

sewing. kantha stitching. printing. natural dyeing. art journal-making. mixed media collage. felting/fulling. small art quilts. knitting. paper, fiber, fabric, buttons & more.

come on over & play


Celeste Maia said...

Your studio is like a box full of magic things. You sound like a busy bee, going from color to color, from texture to texture, creating your wonderful art.

I want to also thank you for your comment. Yes, I read Paul Theroux's book twice. Many years ago when it came out, and again before going to Patagonia. You know, I was disappointed with the book the second time. He never really travels to Patagonia, only to a place at the very beginning of Patagonia (north), then back to the US. The part of the book on Argentina is mainly about his conversations with Borges, who detested Patagonia. I have been a big fan of Borges, have read all his works, but I did not like him very much as a person after re-reading Theroux's book.

Pat said...

Thank you for refreshing my memory of the book.....I did enjoy Theroux's book and read each one .... and haven't thought about him in years and not of the Patagonian Express.

I like your 'magic' idea.....

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