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Vintage textiles ..... a trip to the antique mart.... be still my heart

The Brimfield Antiques Fair is an annual event in Massachusetts that draws vendors, lookers and buyers from all over the country.

The Fair runs three times a season for one week in June, July and September.  Twice during the season the Antique Textile Show leads off the week of general antiques. The quotes below describe the Antique Textile Show
Country Homes Antique Magazine: This show kicks off Brimfield week ...for some our staff, it's the best part of the week."  Country Living Magazine:  One of the years most anticipated shows.  Boston Globe:  The Aisles of the Vintage Fashion and Textile Show may offer a window into the past, but it also can be a look at the sartorial future. It's here that major design houses come to find inspiration for 'new' looks, which sometimes become the next big trend. It's also where more and more vintage fans are coming to stock up."  Long Island Newsday:  This way to textile Mecca.  Antiques and the Arts Weekly: This is the place where visitors find bed covers that are fine art, signature fashions and folk art in textiles.

We drove down on Monday  morning for Antique Textile Show in Sturbridge which is just one town over from Brimfield. 

This show is jam packed with all manner of antique and vintage textiles and period clothing as well as a smattering of vintage ephemera.

It takes over a good bit of the Host Hotel in Sturbridge Massachusetss  ~~  including the grand ballroom and several smaller rooms.

Lots of vendors.  Piles of vintage fabric.  Linens.  Period clothing.  And you name it.  Jewelry.  Shoes.  Coats.  Accessories.

I was in heaven...........................

Here is a bit of one of the Japanese Obi that I bought.
More vintage than antique.  But I am in heaven.
On Tuesday, I found Diane, a vendor from Pennsylvania.  She is a fiber artist who works in silk fusion and creates delicious vessels and accessories.  She also produces wearable art with vintage and contemporary textiles and nuno felt.  From Diane, I purchased silk Obis, one a stunning orange, the other in more traditional Japanese motifs.  
Oh, I see projects in my future!
Thank you John Waterhouse.
This is the indigo resist I purchased
it just called to me

 I didn't get the vintage silk Ikat .... it was in my hands .... oh I liked it .....  but wanted to think about it.... laid it down  (duh)
in a flash it was gone!
here is another of the Obis that I bought  ~~  this time in traditional motif.

enjoyed a together outing
walked about
under the sun
watched people watching
window shopping
laughed at the absurd
the truly bizarre
a seven foot
With so many vendors over acres and acres of fields and lanes, it helps to have in mind a plan for purchases.  Otherwise it would be so easy to get side-tracked and come home with a 7-foot cement buddha!!!! 


Deb G said...

Oh I bet that was incredible!

Pat said...

oh yes Deb. it was a great time. and wonderful to see. thanks for the comment

Helen said...

It looks lie a fantastic event.Your obi is fabulous. We have something similar here in the UK in Manchester in March.Oh Temptation!

T said...

Oh I dont know Pat, a seven foot budda might be just what you need to display all your beautiful work on. Imagine all that wearable art you could drape on pretty interesting.

T said...

This antique textile show sounds like heaven, lovely silk and indigo resist. Acres of stuff, cant even imagine it.

Petrus Spronk said...

I leave the cement buddha be and take the obi and run, a stunning piece worth the lesson of quality

Celeste Maia said...

I would take all the wonderful materials you showd. Oh that orange and red! Gorgeous stuff. It must have been a fantastic day.

ACey said...

You were within shouting distance of me! It's quite a wonderful event and I always enjoy seeing the treasures others have found.

Pat said...

no kidding. close? you are northern CT? it would be fun to meet some time.....

Phyllis said...

I went years ago, 2001 to be exact and just before 9/11. It was an incredible show. I still dream about it and would love to return someday. What fun to see and visit vicariously through you. Nice finds!

Pat said...

Thanks for visiting, Phyllis. We had not been to Brimfield in quite a few years. So it was a treat.

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